JFG Coffee Gourmet/Restaurant Blend Bag 11.5 oz

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A full-bodied coffee with rich flavor and mouthwatering aroma. Treat yourself to the delicious taste of JFG gourmet blend. Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and roasted to perfection. Gourmet blend is the premier blend of the JFG family of quality coffees. 


Tommy Ferguson
This is the only coffee we drink at our house. I discovered JFG back in the late 1980s and introduced my wife to it when we got married. Our local grocery quit carrying it so I'm glad y'all started selling online!

Frank McCauley
I bought this when it was Urn Grind then Red bag Gourmet. Today I still have some of this fine coffee but can not get any more, seems to be a over pricing item.

i love JFG coffee as it originated in my hometown, but was sold to become what it is today, now im less than 45 minutes from the factory but only 1 store in my town has any JFG period. i wish there was more of this fine coffee around. its all i like to drink