French Market Coffee Dark Roast Coffee & Chicory 12oz Red Bag

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(Dark Roast) 12oz  The classic New Orleans blend of our dark roast coffee & French chicory developed over 100 years ago by master coffee blenders. This is the glorious black liquid gold locals search for every time they come home to New Orleans.  For the traditional New Orleans coffee experience, enjoy it with milk or in a New Orleans-style café au lait.


My aunt is now in her 60's (shhhhh dont tell her I said so) she has drank french market as long as she can remember and because of her so have I. I'm very greatful that she introduced me to your coffee! I am 29 and will forever love and truly enjoy your coffee and chicory!!! Thank You!

Angela Janzen
This is the best coffee I've ever had! I will go out of my way to make sure I order it in bulk, so I can have a back up in the freezer. Delicious!

Not to outdo Michael's aunt. Friends from New Orleans introduced me to chicory when we were in the service 45 years ago. It is the only coffee I drink if it's available. For years I would search stores here (Wisconsin) and sometimes find it. Could buy a lot when I visited my folks in South Carolina. Then online shopping made my life better. A friend in my office hasn't had coffee for years because it upset his stomach. I told him about the health benefit of chicory, its ability to ease stomach upset and gave him a bag. He and several friends are now chicory coffee drinkers. I do not understand why coffee shops have not discovered it. Thank you Reily Foods. Great site; easy ordering.