Luzianne Sweet Tea Single Serve Cups 12 Count

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Luzianne refreshing tea now in a single serve cup.


Charity C
This k cup is so awesome! We have the hardest time finding them because they are in such demand. I have went from Walmart to Walmart looking for these and can't find any. We tried them, went back a week later and they are all gone. There is 0 sugar and 0 calories, great for dieting and diabetics!

Robyn C.
A wonderful tea, nice and strong, I'm fairly new to tea like this but it definitely grew on me. A great tea especially for diabetics. They keep selling out at Wal-Marts and other stores so I was thrilled when I found out I could buy it online. Great price, but wished you'd offer other options for shipping, I thought it a bit high myself.

Best tea ever!!!

I order this about a dozen boxes at a time.. This is an amazing iced tea. Sweetened with the equivalence of splenda. Tastes so fresh brewed every single time..

A Barlow
This is my absolute favorite iced tea!! I was elated when I found the single serve cups, but they have completely disappeared from shelves in Oklahoma City!! Please tell us what happened!! Are they coming back??

The best tea ever!! Won't buy another brand. Love the k-kups!

Christopher S Hudson
I order 12 to 15 cases at a time. Why this product does not have 5 stars from every person is beyond my understanding. This tea tastes like fresh brewed tea every single time and sweetened perfectly!!