Luzianne Unsweet Tea Single Serve Cups 12 Count

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Luzianne refreshing iced tea now in a single serve cup.


Andy Danish
This is better than any other brand, even the imports.

Susan Seufert
Best unsweet iced tea, hands down. So glad it is available in k-cups. Unable to find it in stores here in Maryland. WalMart carried it for a while, but no longer.

The best unsweet tea on the market. Walmart stopped carrying it so I'm buying it direct.

Mary Sue
This is absolutely the BEST tea I have ever made. It is so easy, not messy, and very cost effective. When I use to use tea bags I wasted water, sugar and tea, how costly was that! The Keurig allows you to make just enough with no waste. My children and all the neighbor's children love my tea. Use to they always wanted Bojangles, but now they only want mine.

Felicia Prier
BEST TEA EVER!!!! I'm so happy the unsweet is available in the k-cups! My mom raised us drinking Luzianne Iced Tea and now I know why - it is the best tea on the market!

Best tea ever!!! Can't believe that grocery stores do not carry the K-cups-their loss.......