French Market Coffee Cold Brew Concentrate – Original Black

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French Market Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is a concentrate made from fresh roasted, ground Arabica coffee beans (and chicory for the Classic Chicory variety) that are slow steeped overnight in cold water. This yields a smooth, low acid, full flavor coffee concentrate that you can customize to your taste. We recommend mixing 4oz of French Market Coffee Concentrate with 4oz of water, milk, or another beverage of your choice.

2 reviews for French Market Coffee Cold Brew Concentrate – Original Black

  1. Sharon ⚜️ B.

    i could almost drink it straight out of the bottle it is so smmmmooooooothhhhhh!!!! It is awesommeeee!!! None of that BITTTER twang you’ve become accustomed too with “other coffee choices in the area”!! You won’t find that here! Love it plain or zinged up up with Vanilla creamer and a splash of irish cream to just hit the spot with cream!!! yummmmy yummy!!!!

  2. Heather

    This stuff is the absolute BOMB!

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