Luzianne Family Hibiscus Iced Tea Bags 22 Count

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100% Hibiscus  –  True Luzianne Flavor

Hibiscus, grown throughout the world’s tropical regions, is distinguished by its vibrant hues and delicate floral notes.  Luzianne Hibiscus Iced Tea is specially blended from the petals of deep magenta hibiscus flowers for a delicious and refreshing herbal iced tea.  Since 1902, our family-owned company has been specially blending iced tea.  And, with more than 100 years of heritage and iced tea experience in every bag, it’s clear that Luzianne is the right tea for iced tea. One box brews 5.5 gallons.

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12 reviews for Luzianne Family Hibiscus Iced Tea Bags 22 Count

  1. Robin Wright

    Great tea but can’t find it anymore…………… HELP!

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Robin, As with so many manufacturing companies some ingredients were hard to source during of the pandemic. We are happy to say that Luzianne Hibiscus Tea will be back in production and available for purchase within the next few weeks. Check in with our Consumer Relation Department at 800-535-1961. Thanks!

  2. Lysa Wolloch (verified owner)

    I have ordered hibiscus tea through this website for years now and it never disappoints. I buy 5 or so cases and I still sometimes run out. Please keep selling it here. Fantastic product.

  3. Pamela J Rypinski

    Best tea I have ever tasted and I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find. I buy it by the case (on Amazon) but it isn’t there anymore and local stores don’t carry it. So disappointing and I’m running low.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Pamela, Keep checking it should be back on the store shelves soon!

  4. Susan Golden

    I bought this locally for the past few years (North Carolina) but cannot find it anywhere this year. I will be ordering online today because I miss it so much. Refreshing and delicious and no caffeine. It’s great.

  5. gigif47

    I drink a gallon of hibiscus tea every other day. It’s SO refreshing! I never leave home without it…seriously!! I always have plenty with me. I mix it with green tea and stevia…DELISH!

  6. Carole B (verified owner)

    GREAT hibiscus tea.
    Thanks for offering it on line. Can’t find it in retail stores any more.

  7. Teresa Luther

    I love the Hibiscus tea! it is excellent! I have not been able to find it for a long time. Please market it to the Kroger stores again!

    Thanks so much!

  8. Linda

    Love the hibiscus tea . Hate that super one doesn’t carry it any more. Haven’t been able to find it at any store in my area. I don’t do online shopping

  9. Brenda Hawkins

    Have been drinking this tea made from hibiscus flowers exclusively for several years and it is my go to drink year around. Love it! Smooth flavor and refreshing!

  10. Suzanne Shepherd

    Wonderful crisp and refreshing flavor with lots of health benefits. I drink it every day.

  11. Claire Dobbins

    Excellent Flavor!!!

  12. Valerie Owens

    Wonderful tea, smooth with no after taste. The Hibiscus is a great addition. I’ve been a Luzianne fan and customer all my life and know I will alway get a great glass of of tea with your products.

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