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Luzianne Medium Roast C&C Decaffeinated 13 oz

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Luzianne has selected the right blend of decaffeinated beans and roasted chicory for a full-bodied taste without the bitterness.

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7 reviews for Luzianne Medium Roast C&C Decaffeinated 13 oz

  1. Margaret

    This decaffeinated coffee is the best. My husband and I both love it. We are on our very last bag. Please make it available again!!!

  2. M Roy. (verified owner)


    The Luzianne Medium Roast C&C Decaffeinated 13 oz is the Best Decaf coffee. I am now limited to decaf for medical reasons. My family has enjoyed Luzianne for generations. I need to re-order and replenish my coffee supplies.

    Is the Luzianne Medium Roast C&C Decaffeinated 13 oz Discontinued? Everywhere I looked it is out of stock. One vendor said it was “discontinued by the manufacturer”.

  3. Bridget A.

    Do you have an approximate timeline of when you’ll be re-stocking Luzianne Decaf C&C? I can’t find it anywhere.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Bridget, Please reach out to our Consumer Relations Department 1-800-535-1961. They will be able to help you with this. Thanks for being a loyal Luzianne Coffee drinker.

  4. M Roy (verified owner)

    We have used Luzianne C &C for generations. It is flavorful and not bitter. The taste is robust yet smooth. My only complaint is the difficulty of getting Decaf which Is now needed. And ordering directly from Reilly Foods has been great!

  5. Mary Swink (verified owner)

    It’s very good to have a way to get the coffee you enjoy when there are no longer any stores that carries what you like.

  6. Karen Bump (verified owner)

    I also have to order my order for Luzianne Decaf coffee! My parents always drank Luzianne Regular coffee with chicory. Where I live, it is not available in stores! Love it and the service with Reilly products! Always arrives in several days! Thank you!

  7. Charles Andrews (verified owner)

    For years I have used Luzianne Coffee & Chicory, as did my mother, my aunt, and my grandmother. We all made our coffee with cold water, using a Toddy or Filtron cold water coffee extractor. I mix the regular with decaf half and half. The flavor is outstanding. Using room-temperature water to extract the coffee elixir from the grounds brings out the smooth delicious coffee taste with none of the bitter volatile oils that too much heat extracts from the beans. With the Luzianne extract and a little milk or water, one can have iced coffee in the summertime or a regular cup at other times, just using a microwave. I have tried the cold water process with many other brands. None beat the wonderful flavor of Luzianne. My only complaint is that it is difficult to always find in the grocery stores, especially the decaf. I order directly from Reiley Foods.

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