Luzianne Tea Pour N Stir Sweet 2 Quart 6 Count

Luzianne Tea Pour-n-Stir Sweet 2 Quart 6 Count

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30 reviews for Luzianne Tea Pour-n-Stir Sweet 2 Quart 6 Count

  1. William D. Craig (verified owner)

    Wow!, what a BIG & SWEET discovery!

  2. Cindy Slachter (verified owner)

    Luzianne Pour-n-Stir is the ONLY tea product for our house. So simple to make, the tea is clear not cloudy. We drink it every day because it is delicious! Hard to find at our local groceries.

  3. Daisy Baughn (verified owner)

    So happy you are finally taking orders. This is the best tea I have ever found and so easy to make. Wish I could find it in stores, but if not I’ll keep ordering. Thank you.

  4. Laurie Brown (verified owner)

    I love this product! I wish that you had not discontinued these products. I bought them for everyone in my family!

  5. Monica Marcovecchio

    Absolutely the best. Wish I could buy it in the store.

  6. Veronica PAGE

    Please bring the luzianne pour and stir sweet tea back!!!!! I cant live without it!!!!

  7. Anita Brueck

    I’m getting desperate — what gives — Amazon tells me this may not be available again — that cannot be! I have a small stash – but it won’t get me through August!

  8. Janette Carrell

    This is the best sweet ice tea, but for some reason, it is no longer available in the Houston grocery stores. Will you please bring it back? I miss it so much!

  9. Wayne Smith (verified owner)

    Best tea ever! Totally addictive. Where did it go? Please, please, please bring it back. Now. I want mire. I need more. How could you do this? We’re all hooked and then you take it away. Not fair. Please?

  10. Kevin Covington

    If you live southern sweet tea. You will LOVE this tea! If you are diabetic, This is the GO-TO beverage. It is sugarless but you will certainly not think so. Much better than diet drinks.

  11. Cheri E. (verified owner)

    We love this product. Sadly, it has been out of stock for months. I hope they aren’t discontinuing it. 🙁

  12. Kevin (verified owner)

    I love this product. When will it be back in stock?

  13. Carolyn Sorrels

    I love, love, love this tea, but can’t find it anymore. It has the best taste of any tea I have had, but no sugar. I keep this at work so it’s easy to always have tea on hand, as I drink it all day long. Luzianne, PLEASE keep on making it! I’m running out!

  14. Don M Mabe

    Being from the South, I know sweet tea. This taste just like sweet tea (not too sweet) but has no calories. I love this product.

  15. KevinCovington5453@Gmail.Com

    I am a born-n-reared deep south American redneck. TRUST ME! If you love southern sweet tea, there’s none better to be found on the face of the earth! You will not believe that this tea has ZERO CALORIES! Not kidding, not stretching the truth. This is by far the best sugar free beverage you will ever enjoy. The first time I bought this tea I had to call the company to make absolutely certain it had no sugar, and I had to be convinced! IF YOU ARE DIABETIC, THIS IS THE GO TO BEVERAGE – PERIOD!

  16. Clara Smith

    I cannot find these pour n stir packets anywhere. They’re an absolutely fantastic product. Delicious ice tea
    How can I get some ordered??

  17. bryan

    i sincerely enjoy this product but my local groceries wont keep it in stock. is there a way to purchase it in case quantity direct from the manufacturer?

    Kroger used to have it but nobody does now. alvin, tx 77511

  18. Andriette Schenk

    The biggest store in San Antonio Texas carried this product for years. Now they have discontinued it and my husband and I can’t live without it.! Please bring this Pour & Stir sweet tea back! Nothing Compares! We will order directly from you and a lot of it!

  19. Debi Miller (verified owner)

    This tea is by far the best I have ever had. Started buying it at Walmart and then when I got addicted LOL they stop selling it. So then I realized I could go online at Riley foods and order it but I’m very disappointed right now because I only have enough left to make two more gallons and they are out of stock. Hoping it gets replenished soon because I love that tea the best I’ve ever had!!♥️

  20. Ken

    Please, please, please bring this product back into stock. I actually was buying this product in a store near me and taking it to my best friend 120 miles away we both loved it so much. VERY disappointed that I can’t find it any longer!!!!

  21. Tammie Wingo (verified owner)

    I will not survive without my pour n serve pouches!!!! PLEEZ!!! I need these for my summer working outside!!!!!

  22. Cheryl Crain

    This tea is just right-not too sweet-not too strong. Have you discontinued it? You are out of stock—I can’t find it in any local stores now and Amazon has jacked the prices up ridiculously! Hope not! Need more of this goodness!

  23. Judy Grover (verified owner)

    The BEST sweet tea on the market. Sooo easy to make. We’ve been enjoying this concentrate for several years. Wish it was in more local stores!

  24. Gail Fisher

    Love this tea!!!

  25. C. A. Payne (verified owner)

    I have tried so many different tea’s (sun tea, instant tea and regular tea bags) Was not happy with any one of them Located your tea one day while trying to find something to replace all the other tea’s. And I find yours, Just loved everything about it, the taste , sweetest, however, the store could not keep your product on the shelfs.. So I decided to call the your company
    to see if I could place an order on line. and Thank God you can! This is a wonderful product and I make your tea in the summer and winter.. Thank for pulling me 0ut of my tea depression.
    No one will be disappointed using this product ( LUZIANNE Pour-n-Stir Sweet Tea.)

  26. Cathy Minyard

    Best tea ever! Just bought 20 boxes because tired of stores running out. Thank you for now offering online!


    Please keep selling this tea. It’s all we drink at my house!

  28. Barbara Kearns

    Since discovering this Pour-h-Serve Sweet Tea, we can’t go without it!
    It’s the best thing to water!

  29. Janice Ames

    If you love sweet iced tea – you will love this drink. Tastes like McDonald’s sweet tea but no sugar. I love the ease of making no waiting and boiling of bags, etc. I drank diet soda for years, but the last 5 or so have been only Luzianne Pour-n- Stir Sweet Tea, milk and water. Feel so much better. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy.


    Wish I could buy in store. Love this product can’t live without it!

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