Swans Down 32 oz

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America’s favorite cake flour since 1894

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14 reviews for Swans Down 32 oz

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    Anybody ordered and received this item lately or is out of stock and waiting for it

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Sam, Please try our mail order department for a status on your order. E-commerce or Mail Orders
      To place order or check on
      status of order:
      Email: order@reilyproducts.com
      Phone: 1-504-272-2939

  2. Cynthia Washburn

    I learned to use this from my mother in the 1940’s. She made the most wonderful cakes with Swans Down, in the days before electric mixers, when every batter was beat by hand. I especially remember her delicious Cherry Dream Cake, which was my dad’s favorite (and mine). I hope to make it one more sometime to savor and remember.


    The best cake flour

    • Reily Foods Company

      Thanks Theresa! Happy baking!

  4. Lori Litchfield

    this flour makes everything so light & fluffy,very good

  5. Kathy Milbry

    The best for baking cakes

  6. Ronshay Prince

    The ONLY flour I use for my homemade pound cakes!!!

  7. Valerie Chance

    My mom loves Swans Down that’s all she make her cakes with the best

  8. Kathryn

    I grew up with Swans Down, Best Cake Flour Ever. Now, if I just didn’t have to order online!

  9. Yolanda Jackson (verified owner)

    Quality product

  10. Yolanda Jackson (verified owner)

    Wonderful mix, my cakes turn out excellent every time


    This is the BEST cake flour on the market! Trust me, I’ve different ones, Swans Down is top notch for my cakes!

  12. Grace

    I always use all purpose flour for my cake but,i found out this is the best ingredients for my cake.

  13. Shelley

    The very best flour for my grandmother’s lemon pound cake recipe!

  14. Akena Lena Allen

    The best flour to bake with. When I taught myself and reminded my southern grandmother baking; I remembered the red box. I get great reviews on anything I bake with it.

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