Blue Plate Mayonnaise, 30 oz

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Bring out the flavor in all your favorite foods, from salads and sandwiches to dips, dressings, and sauces.  Our tasty mayonnaise is the perfect addition to any meal.

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8 reviews for Blue Plate Mayonnaise, 30 oz

  1. Bonnie O’C

    Born and raised in Louisiana, I now live in Maryland. I can get by without some things, but not Blue Plate mayonnaise. When I visit N.O.L.A family I always bring enough mayo back to last till next visit. My family says if it isn’t Blue Plate don’t bother.

  2. Brenda D. Stone

    The only mayo made is Blue Plate. If it is not BP it is an imposter. I am looking for individual packets of BP.

  3. Cajungirl

    I live in Minnesota now and my dad ships me this amazing Mayo from Louisiana that I have got a lot of people hooked here in the North. I am getting the 2 new flavors in my box for Christmas that I can’t wait to try. This is the best Mayo ever.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hey Cajungirl! We LOVE hearing from our Blue Plate fans. Come back and let us know how you enjoyed the new Go Bold flavors!

  4. Freddy Fender

    Love it

  5. Powers PenelopeСѓ

    For lovers of Mayonnaise (rather than salad dressing), this one is great but it s hard to tell whether Blue Plate or Hellmans are the best. They are super close.

  6. O’Neal’ Allyson

    My family is from the South, we are known Thor cooking and eat we used to play in everything from sandwiches crab shrimp dip po boys if it s not blue plate my family ain t eating.

  7. Lynne Mango

    My Son In Law introduce Blue plate when he brought some back from his home in Louisiana. We were Helmans people now Blue Plate is the only mayo in our house!

  8. Diane Camel

    Having purchased several food items from Walmart to be shipped to me, I was a few dollars short of free shipping so I looked around their site to see if there was anything else I needed. Being a mayonnaise connoiseur (there are very few foods in this world that aren’t better with mayonnaise), I looked at what they offered. I saw Blue Plate, but being 100% yankee, I’d never heard of the brand. The reviews sounded good so I figured, what the heck, and ordered a two-pack. This stuff is GOOD! It is the best mayo of all the brands I have tried. I’m a convert.

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