Carroll Shelbys Chicken Chili

Carroll Shelby’s White Chicken Chili Kit 3 oz

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Carroll Shelby’s four individual seasoning packets allow you to “fix it hot or mild” – spices, cayenne pepper, jalapeno and bell peppers, masa flour.

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9 reviews for Carroll Shelby’s White Chicken Chili Kit 3 oz

  1. nichole Johnson

    Fabulous!!!!!!!! I brought leftovers to work and everyone loved it. Toped with cheese made with chicken thighs and rotel.

  2. Juli

    I love this! Added a few extras (chicken, cubanelle peppers, sweet onions, fire roasted tomatoes) but the seasoning is the star. I can no longer eat red chili but this one is perfect! Thank you for a great product!

  3. Lisa (verified owner)

    Chicken chili is my daughter’s favorite dinner and this is the mix she loves. She likes to add white beans, corn, Rotel, and canned chicken. I haven’t been able to find it for the last month in our local grocery store so I came here to buy some.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Lisa, We love hearing from our dedicated chili fans. White Chicken Chili is a favorite of as too! Thanks for purchasing online.

  4. Bubblin’ (verified owner)

    This is the best chili seasoning ever! My son can’t tolerate red chili of any kind for some reason but white doesn’t make him sick. Carroll Shelby’s has been a favorite in our home for years but I haven’t been able to find the White Chicken Chili Kit in stores in Maryland for a few years now. I’m glad to know where to find it now because Amazon is price gouging.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Thanks Bubblin’, We love hearing from our happy consumers!

  5. Harold Glerum


  6. Felice Shannon

    Very delicious! I won’t make chili unless I have this on hand!

  7. Shelly Griffin

    This mix is fabulous! I purchased it at our Texas grocery store, HEB for the first time. They now only carry the regular chili kit. I would love to see it come back to all of our neighborhood stores. I have ordered a case before from your online site and shared boxes with friends and family to introduce them to this fine product. I plan on making another online order now for more of the white chicken chili kit. I look forward to some delicious chili with our Texas weather finally getting cooler!

  8. Richard Myers

    Love this mix.

  9. Victoria Penxa

    I love this! It’s so easy to make. The best version is when you add corn, tomatoes with chilies and white cannellini beans. Add everything except for the cayenne pepper if you want it mild and add half of the Cayenne packet for medium and the whole packet for hot. You can always add parmesan cheese or cheddar cheese on top or even sour cream. Yum! 💞

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