Holiday Recipes from Our Family of Brands

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There’s a reason New Orleanians find themselves in the kitchen come holiday time. It’s where our most cherished traditions come to life. And we’re proud to have played a part in the festivities. So to all the cooks, bakers, and chefs whose creations make the holidays taste like home, may the flavors and fun of this season bring you happiness and joy. Happy Holidays!

Here are a few of our favorite holiday recipes:

Maple Bourbon Tea Toddy

Luzianne Maple Bourbon Tea Toddy

Pure maple syrup, boiled down into a sweet elixir from the sap of the New England maple tree, is the foundation for this uniquely American hot toddy. Using single serve tea, you’ll have this comforting cold-weather drink in just a minute or two.

Blue Plate Mayonnaise Pie Crust

Blue Plate Pie Crust

Want to know a holiday secret? This easy-to-make, tender and flaky pie crust holds together when baked with juicy fruit fillings when you incorporate some Blue Plate Mayonnaise. This pie crust freezes well, too.

Stuffed Eggs

Blue Plate Stuffed Eggs

Think of this recipe as a blank canvas for your holiday creativity. Stuffed eggs are capable of so many variations, such as our Mango Chutney Deviled Eggs or our Barbecue Deviled Eggs. Use any mustard that you have, but Dijon is especially good.

Whipped Cream Pound Cake

Swans Down Whipping Cream Pound Cake

Whip some heavy cream with our extra-fine cake flour and enjoy the velvety texture of this Southern dessert classic. Top with flavored glaze and serve with fruit or just eat it plain alongside a cup of coffee or tea for the perfect holiday treat.

Holiday Yule Log

Swans Down Cake Flour Holiday Yule Log

This festive Buche de Noel is decorated to resemble the giant yule logs in traditional French Christmas Eve bonfires. In Louisiana the bonfire tradition continues, as a way to guide Papa Noël (Santa) on his sleigh.

Mexican Hot Mocha

French Market Coffee Mexican Hot Mocha

Cold snaps have met their match with this cozy, autumnal coffee drink – cinnamon, cocoa powder and a hint of cayenne pepper blended with hot coffee and topped with whipped cream.