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We’ve built a century of success on sourcing high-quality ingredients, but consumers today want to know more about ingredient sources and sustainability profiles. We’re investing in efforts that not only increase traceability of ingredients and reduce the environmental “footprints” of our products, but also support the long-term well-being of the people and places that sustain our business.

sustainable community
Reily Commodities Manager and Q Grade Cupper Brunilda Iljazi at a Nicaraguan school that is participating in Reily Company’s
Sustainable Cup Program®.


Our raw ingredient sourcing team works hard to find the best quality coffee, purchasing from organizations that ensure it is grown using responsible labor and farming practices. We also support community investments and sustainable production best practices, including soil health, water and energy management and yield improvement.

coffee buyer
Coffee Buyer and Q Grade Cupper Mark Woods tastes samples at the cupping table.

“By investing in livelihoods, education, and sustainable agriculture, we are acting
on our commitment to the highest quality products and quality of life in our coffee growing communities.”


Sustainability Logos

Our 2025 goal: Increase traceability and sustainability programs for coffee, prioritizing farm-level renovation and yield improvement

Our Progress

  • In 2018, launched the Sustainable Cup Project®, Reily’s coffee sustainability program
  • Planting 440,000 disease- and drought-resistant coffee seedlings in Central America annually
  • Engaged LIFT program to support an entire cluster of small-holder farmers in Honduras with technical training
  • Actively supporting key industry organizations and initiatives
  • Joined and made commitments to the Sustainable Coffee Challenge in 2020

Tea Farm Malawi


Our iconic Luzianne Tea brand is known for sourcing premium tea leaves from five continents, but what’s less widely known is that we’ve long taken an aggressive approach to social responsibility. For over two decades we’ve implemented a fair price structure with importers and suppliers at origin. More recently we’ve engaged third-party organizations including the Rainforest Alliance to verify the responsible production of our raw tea supply.

coffee taster
Reily Tea Master Malcom Shalders tastes samples at the cupping table.

Our 2025 goal: 50% of tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms

Our Progress

  • Fair price structure has been in place with importers and suppliers at origin for 20+ years
  • 10% of current caffeinated tea supply is from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms
  • Committed to have 30% of our tea supply from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in 2021


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Reily Foods is committed to the humane treatment of animals in our supply chain. Our suppliers are required to hold FACTA third-party verified animal welfare certification, which does not allow animal abuse and sets standards for basic animal welfare. We are working with our consumers and suppliers to explore further options.

chicken graphic

Our 2025 goal: 100% of eggs sourced from suppliers with industry leading animal welfare and care standards

Our Progress

  • 100% of egg supply is FACTA certified


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We require that our soybean oil be sourced from the U.S., thereby mitigating risk of deforestation, ensuring agricultural worker rights, and reducing transportation-related GHG emissions. We continue to work with suppliers to optimize fertilizer and pesticide use and reduce soil erosion.

soybean graphic

Our 2025 goal: Establish soybean oil sustainable sourcing priorities for domestic supply chain

Our Progress

  • 100% of our soybean oil is now traced to its specific region of origin in the U.S.
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