How Reily Foods Uses SmartLabel to Highlight Sustainability Commitment

Building customer loyalty through improved product transparency.

As a fifth generation, family-owned company, Reily Foods takes pride in its long tradition of bringing family and friends together. Reily Food’s ability to deliver on this promise is founded in an unwavering commitment to quality that’s spanned over 100 years. While Reily’s commitment to quality has been unwavering over time, what it takes to deliver products of the highest quality has evolved. Recently, sustainability has emerged as an important element of quality at Reily Foods’ as the impact of climate change and socio-economic factors have come more into focus.

Reily Foods’ commitment to quality has resulted in exceptional customer loyalty. But to maintain and grow that customer loyalty amongst today’s empowered customers, Reily Foods understands that it’s important to meet customers’ high expectations for product transparency. According to the Transparency Imperative Report by Label Insight and Food Manufacturers Institute:

  • 91% of customers value in-depth product information beyond the label
  • 80% of customers value the ability to get detailed product information on their smartphone
  • 81% of customers are willing to switch to a brand that provides more in-depth information

SmartLabel Screenshot

An example of where Reily Foods’ sustainability and product transparency initiatives have come together to benefit customers is the integration of Reily’s Sustainable Cup Project® into Reily’s SmartLabel initiative. Reily Foods established its Sustainable Cup Project® as a means to improve the quality of Central American coffee crops adversely affected by drought and disease. Reily Foods worked closely with industry leader Label Insight to implement SmartLabel to improve product transparency. Now Reily Foods has brought these two initiatives together starting with its New England Coffee brand.

In addition to featuring a Sustainable Cup Project® logo on-package, Reily Foods leveraged the powerful Publisher capability from Label Insight to provide their customers deeper insight into the benefits of the Sustainable Cup Project® via SmartLabel. Without the space constraints of physical packaging, SmartLabel enables Reily Foods to provide a comprehensive overview of the initiative that highlights its substantive positive crop-quality, environmental and socio-economic impact. Label Insight’s Publisher platform empowers Reily Foods to link to other supporting resources that may be of interest to their customers and easily update their sustainability information over time. And, now that this rich information about the Sustainable Cup Project® is established in Publisher, it’s a simple exercise for Reily Foods to replicate this transparency across its other relevant coffee brands.

As companies across many industries seek to improve product transparency, Reily Foods is proud to be a leader in this field. Showcasing a commitment to quality as part of improved product transparency makes good business sense for Reily Foods as it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on customer loyalty.

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This article was originally published here and was written by Label Insight Team on November 6th, 2019.