JFG Coffee Gourmet/Restaurant Blend Bag 11.5 Oz

JFG Coffee Gourmet/Restaurant Blend Bag 11.5 oz

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A full-bodied coffee with rich flavor and mouthwatering aroma. Treat yourself to the delicious taste of JFG gourmet blend. Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and roasted to perfection. Gourmet blend is the premier blend of the JFG family of quality coffees.

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11 reviews for JFG Coffee Gourmet/Restaurant Blend Bag 11.5 oz

  1. Linden Beard

    I bought JFG coffee at a discount food store. It was just a whim and thought I would try it. The moment I opened the bag and the aroma rushed out I was sold. It was even better when I first sipped it. Where has this coffee been? I will always buy JFG coffee from now on.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Linden, Thanks for giving JFG Coffee a try. JFG Coffee was founded in Knoxville, TN in 1919. Gourmet Blend is the premier blend of the JFG family of quality coffees. It’s made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and roasted to perfection. We’re so glad you’ve discovered it!

  2. Dave Elrod

    My favorite, by far, bar none, is JFG Gourmet Blend. When we open the last bag in the pantry it is imperative that more JFG be purchased that same day if possible. Under no circumstances will our household run out of JFG. We even take extra with us when we travel.

  3. Chris A.

    I recently introduced JFG to people when I returned to contracting in Iraq. People from every corner of the US and some international people have fallen in love with JFG. The problem is that I didn’t bring enough. Thank God for Amazon and while it takes 16-20 days to get here, JFG coffee is always worth the wait. JFG products were always on our shelves growing up and always will be. Just wish JFG tea was still available but Luzianne is a most worthy substitute.

  4. Harris

    Where is the JFG Sandwich spread????? I can not find it anywhere and Keafts is no comparison

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Harris, Please reach out to our Consumer Affairs department. They will be able to help you find the product in your area. 1-504-272-2939

  5. Marshall Dunnam

    Best coffee I have ever drank. For many years I was a Folgers man until a neighbor introduced me to JFG. I’m sold on this smooth brand and will always buy it by the case.


    Fresh, rich flavor, a mellow medium-dark roast. I LOVE Gourmet Blend and look forward to it every morning. Pick up an extra bag for a friend. They’ll thank you!

  7. Jackie Rivera

    Béen drinking this coffe for 40 + years. Now i can only
    Get it when i go ho.e to Tennessee.

  8. Bruce Jack


  9. Bruce Jack

    It’s good

  10. Jerry Leighton (verified owner)

    Great taste only coffee I have bought the last 5 years.

  11. John M Ray

    This Blend of JFG Coffee is simply the best coffee I have every experienced.

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