Luzianne Original Tea 48ct Box

Luzianne Family Tea Bags 48 Count

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Since 1902, our family company has been taking the extra steps so you can enjoy the clear, smooth, refreshing taste of Luzianne from one pitcher to the next.  Once you’ve taken a sip of Luzianne, we believe you won’t settle for anything less. One box brews 12 gallons.

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5 reviews for Luzianne Family Tea Bags 48 Count

  1. Janis Swanner

    Lucianne is the best true delicious brew. You want find a better tea!! I keep 2 pitchers in frig. At all times. Thank you for lucianne tea!!

  2. Sandra Hùdgins

    These are the best tea bags for making Southern Sweet Tea. I am from TN so I know my tea. I have been using Luzianne tea bags for about 8 years. Before that I used Lipton but it wasn’t as good as Luzianne. I had some sweet tea at a friend’s house and it was the best iced tea I had ever had. I ask what kind of tea she used and she said it was Luzianne the only kind she used. Will that did it for me. I have been using Luzianne Tea ever since and never looked back. Take it from a true southern woman, this is the best tea for sweet iced tea!!


    great flavor


    wonderful flavor

  5. Linda F

    I love this tea. Gave a box to my mom too! Perfect for a quart of ice tea!

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