Luzianne Single Decaf Tea Bags 48 Count

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Luzianne naturally decaffeinated tea is specially blended for clear, smooth, refreshing delicious iced tea.  Since 1902, our family company has been taking the extra steps so you can enjoy the clear, smooth, refreshing taste of Luzianne from one pitcher to the next.


Rebecca Gehres
I was visiting friends at a rented beach bungalow in N. Myrtle Beach, S. C. I don't drink much soda, and being in a bikini all week requires strict caloric intake. The home owner had left a box of the big bags of decaf tea. One bag made a quart, and there was a glass 4 cup Pyrex cup. Unsweetened Luziane tea was so refreshing and quenching, it really did the trick all week for keeping me hydrated and full. There was never any bitterness even if I forgot and left the bag in too long. I need to find some here in Walnut Creek, California. I'll drink it all day long, maybe caffeinated in the mornings. It's so smooth and easy to sip. Just wanted to share, Thanks, Rebecca G.

I have been using your DeCaf Tea bags for years and can't purchase any longer from the local stores. This is the best tea on the market and I am so happy that I can purchase it from Reily Food Company. Thank You

Luzianne decaf tea is smooth tasting, not bitter like most name brands. I enjoy two or more cups per day. Makes delicious iced tea, also. I take a box on vacation with me in case I can't find it where we go. And, I keep a few bags in my purse for taking to restaurants. My husband now drinks it too. Delicious!