Carroll Shelby's Original Texas Chili 3.65 oz

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Carroll Shelby's three individual seasoning packets allow you to "fix it hot or mild"--spices, cayenne pepper, masa flour. 


JC Hendrickson
I used to use Wick Fowler's chili kit thinking that it was the best ever. Then I couldn't find it anymore at my grocery store, only Caroll Shelby's. So I tried the Caroll Shelby's and think that it is just as good (if not a little better) as the Wick Fowler's. There's a subtle difference between the two, but now if I see them both, I choose the Caroll Shelby's. Excellent product!

Lisa M
I have used Carroll Shelbys chili kits for probably 20 years now. Have never liked anything else. With the recent recall I couldn't find any in the stores, Had to use another brand. I WANT MY CARROLL SHELBY'S!!!! Please make more and restock my store.

Used for over 30 years yet doesn't seem to be available any more - Aak - Please make more - unique asid: I grew up about one block from Mr. Shelby (in Pl aya del Rey CA) - he was a very gracious Man - he always bought some of the stuff we were selling. A Good Guy who never talked down to us.

M. J. Traver
Fantastic product! Too bad we can't get it because of peanut contamination. Why not just put sign on shelf telling people who have the problem not to use it instead of taking it away from everyone else?????

D. Miller
I love this product and hope that it comes back soon, and when it does, I am stocking up! Please hurry and get it back on the shelves. I have had people asking if they can get it anywhere and it has been taken off the shelves. Why not just put a corrected label on the packaging and ship it out while theother packing is being done? HELP I NEED MY CARROLL SHELBY'S CHILI MIX>

I was planning on making a huge pot of chili for the SuperBowl and have looked all over for my favorite chili mix, only to find that it has been recalled. I love this chili mix. Please put it back on the shelves.

We have been using Carroll Shelby's Chili Kit for over 18 years! We tried another brand since this has been taken off the shelves and the other brand did not come close! Please bring our chili kit back.

I have been using the Shelby Chili mix for over 20 years. I freaked out when they changed their packaging from the brown bag to the box, just because it took me a minute to find it.I always keep an extra box on hand. Anytime we have a get together my chili is a top request. We even had a pot of chili with our ham at Christmas, which sadly was the last time we have enjoyed a nice hot bowl of chili. Since the recall, I have attempted to make a pot of chili and tried I don't know how many seasonings but just ended up throwing the whole pot away. No one would eat it, I wouldn't eat it.I understand the recall, but I am anxiously awaiting the return of the only chili mix that I will ever use.

Joe K. Cartland
THE only chili mix that I will use, PERIOD! Have been a very enthusiastic customer for over 30 years and simply cannot tolerate another brand. I wasa priveleged to know Mr. Shelby and it has the exact flavor that his chili had. I keep at least 6 packages on hand and ALWAYS resupply when I reach that danger level. Thanks for keeping us in such an incredible product!

This is the best mix on the market. Used the seasoning packet with 2 lbs. rough grind chili meat. Added a teaspoon of Better Than bouillon beef flavor to water and upped water to 2 1/2 cups. Left out the tomato sauce for an authentic western chili. My favorite part... OPTIONAL RED PEPPER. I am very sensitive to red pepper and, even though I love the taste, must avoid it. Those chili kits that have it already added in are not an option for me.

Joe Marks
I've been using Shelby's Chili kit since 1976!! (I was a freshman in college and I'm 60 now!) Without a doubt - the finest Chili packet in the USA!