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Taco Tuesday Cupcakes

Prep Time:

30 mins.

Cook Time:

25 mins.


20 cupcakes

Everyone knows what’s for dinner on Taco Tuesday, but what about dessert? These cute cupcakes are easy to make and the perfect accompaniment to taco night, Cinco de Mayo parties and more.



  1. Frost tops of cupcakes and set aside. Divide remaining frosting into small bowls and tint with brown (for meat), yellow (for cheese), red (for tomatoes) and green (for lettuce), and place each into piping bags. (Alternatively, sprinkles can be used for the cheese and tomatoes and green-tinted coconut for the lettuce.)
  2. Slice each cookie in half. Pipe a rope of brown frosting along the cut edge of one half and attach the other half to form a V-shape resembling a taco. Using the other colors, pipe on the taco ‘fillings’ to resemble a loaded taco. Place one ‘taco’ on each cupcake.