1213 Oz. CDM Decaf Bag FAC Vo

CDM Coffee & Chicory Decaf Bag FAC 13 oz

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Roasted chicory blended with coffee is a New Orleans tradition.

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3 reviews for CDM Coffee & Chicory Decaf Bag FAC 13 oz

  1. S Sells

    Posted 2-28-2022 w/corrections:
    I only drink decaf. I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 58 years and also have digestive issues. I had all but given up on coffee, even decaf, when I rediscovered the flavorful (and blood-glucose lowering)magic of chicory and rich coffee like my (Louisiana) “Mamere”(what we called my mother’s mother) served in my childhood. CDM has brought back the pleasure of a good cup of coffee while lowering my towering blood sugar levels because of the type of fiber, inulin, that chicory contains. It’s a win-win for me!
    Thank you for continuing to provide the absolute best decaf cup(s) available in CDM decaf deep roast coffee & chicory!

  2. pbolian@swbell.net (verified owner)

    It’s the best! I’ve been ordering it for several years.

  3. joe kullman

    great coffee but pricey

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