Luzianne Chicory – Coffee Partner 6 1/2 oz

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A perfect compliment to coffee that mellows, enriches and helps make coffee go twice as far.

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8 reviews for Luzianne Chicory – Coffee Partner 6 1/2 oz

  1. Steff

    This certainly earns more than 5 stars. I was born & reared in Louisiana. Not a day went by without waking to my mother’s voice singing out, “Coffee-milk”, while bringing me a warm glass to waken me. My granmere served chicory with coffee and had a pot warming on the stove all day, everyday. Many people would stop in for a cup of her coffee. I recently found Coffee Partner online & must agree that I have found none better than this brand. I drink a good decaf most days but find that the chicory added, I find difficulty with coffee without it! Please continue providing Luzianne’s Coffee Partner.
    I love it!

  2. John Wagner

    This Chicory is of great quality and flavor. Wonderful product.

  3. John falkowski

    we love it, i add 1 tbs to my 12 cup percolator ground beans and plug it in.. gives coffee a richer flavor, and ive served dozens of people, and everyone Loves my coffee!

  4. Carolyn V Croswell

    I love chickory in my coffee however, it’s getting harder and harder to find in Chicago, Illinois. Do you know where I can find it here. or in the suburbs of Chicago?

  5. Geraldine Wendt

    Best on the market.

  6. stefan t gabor

    I am a first buyer and do not know much about your products. Is just a try.

  7. Linda Weaseman

    Add this to my ground coffee beans when perking and absolutely love the additional slight flavor it adds to the coffee! Have used this addition for over 10 years now and cannot imagine a day without it! I add two tablespoons!

  8. Matt K.

    This is more valuable than gold. The flavor is so addicting that all other coffee will no longer be palatable after use of this product. Even after only one use.

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