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French Market Coffee Dark Roast Coffee & Chicory 12 oz. Red Can

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(Dark Roast) 12oz  The classic New Orleans blend of our dark roast coffee & French chicory, in our signature can. This is the glorious black liquid gold locals search for every time they come home to New Orleans.  For the traditional New Orleans coffee experience, enjoy it with milk or in a New Orleans-style café au lait.

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14 reviews for French Market Coffee Dark Roast Coffee & Chicory 12 oz. Red Can

  1. Laura Ray (verified owner)

    I have used French Market Dark Roast with Chicory FOREVER (45 years at least) and love it. Growing up in Seattle it’s a given you will become a coffee drinker and this coffee simply outshines anything else. Don’t ever change please and I love the cans which I use for all kinds of things. This year I’m going to gift homemade Christmas cookies in them.

  2. Cara Russell

    The best coffee ever!!! I just ordered 3 cans of it to give to co-workers because I am obsessed with it and LOVE IT!!!

  3. mauro cruz (verified owner)

    always the best for us family.

  4. Jackie Tharp (verified owner)

    Hands down – the absolute BEST tasting coffee. I like the dark roast because I get to control how strong the coffee is brewed. The coffee and chicory mix eliminates the bitterness in coffee and, for me, also eliminates heartburn. Chicory has the added health benefits with regards to glucose and inflammation. My husband even likes French Market Dark Roast and he is not a regular coffee drinker. I love it so much, I buy it by the case!

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Jackie, We love hearing from our happy consumers!

  5. Connie moss (verified owner)

    I have used this coffee for over 40 years! Wish more stores carried the dark roast!

  6. Berry Atkins (verified owner)

    Being a product of the South, having a great cup of coffee in the morning was a no brainer. My Grandma had the house filled with the aroma of French Market Coffee. No better coffee and chicory blend any where. Love it

  7. Susan Dodd

    French Market Dark Roast Coffee and Chicory has been my favorite for many years. Perfection in flavor and easy on the digestive system. Thank you for continuing to supply us with this grand Southern GEM!

  8. mauro cruz

    We have been drinking this coffee for so many maybe from 1980 to present but during the year 2000, we discover that a mixture of dark roast and hazelnut flavor suits to our taste. Superb for our taste and my relatives. They enjoy it, whenever their is an occasion in our place and loving them as a gift to their family. We have not change our coffee and probably til the last day of our life. I myself drink coffee 2 to 4 times a day. I thank you.

  9. Tim Sussman (verified owner)

    This is the most satifying coffee & chicory I’ve found. There are a number of good ones but this is the best.

  10. James LeBlanc

    We have been buying French Market Red Can for 50 years.Our children and their families drink it. When Katrina hit we ran around looking for and buying. We will always drink this brand. This is coffee. The rest are flavored water.

  11. donald brodt

    It tastes best AND goes further too.

  12. sherry weiss

    love the coffee

  13. J.M.Kayes

    French Market Dark Roast is outstanding coffee we have enjoyed for years. The mention of chicory in coffee brings back memories of my grandmother on the East Coast. It was a always a treat when she let us grind beans and chicory in her wooden hand grinder, with the drawer at the bottom. We grew up on that blend and I was thrilled to find French Market here in Texas.

  14. Dean Coker (verified owner)

    Still the best and only in our opinion. After living in the city of New Orleans for so many years it wouldn’t be morning without our French Market (and yes, we still use a percolator too) and milk. We have been ordering directly from Reily for years now and buy in bulk so it’s nice to see they continued the bulk pricing on their new web site too. I am happy to be the first to heap praise on this delicious tradition… no other brand even gets it close to right!

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