Luzianne Red Label C&C Bag Fac 13 oz

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Full rich taste. Never bitter. For generations, Luzianne coffee has been a favorite with coffee lovers. Our secret is in the blend. We use only the finest coffee beans with a special touch of chicory. Chicory unlocks coffee flavor–mellows the blend and removes bitterness. Like coffee, chicory is a natural product. Our blend produces a rich cup of coffee with unsurpassed flavor–making Luzianne a coffee favorite.

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7 reviews for Luzianne Red Label C&C Bag Fac 13 oz

  1. Deidre Mosley (verified owner)

    This is the best coffee ever. It is not marketed in Ohio so I have to order and have it shipped. I have been shipping it for years.

  2. Daniel Smith

    My favorite coffee since the 2010. Not happy with any other one at all.

  3. Dawn Wall

    Best coffee in the world. Coffee has never kept me from sleep but I was getting heartburn, discovered no heartburn with Luzianne coffee w/chicory. Columbian coffee (famous brand will remain nameless) gave me the worst heartburn, which was so popular at work, brought my Luzianne and will never go back.

  4. Mary Ann Valentine

    I have drinking this coffee since 1968. There is no comparison to this coffee.

  5. Jeff Graham

    I have been drinking your coffee for fifty years my mother and father drank it all of there lives also. It is absolutely the best coffee i have ever tasted anywhere. I will drink it till the day i die . Don’t change a thing its wonderful the way it is. Also have collected all of the old cans shakers and all of the other old items from Luzianne. Just love everything about Luzianne

  6. Charles Andrews (verified owner)

    For years I have used Luzianne Coffee & Chicory, as did my mother, my aunt, and my grandmother. We all made our coffee with cold water, using a Toddy or Filtron cold water coffee extractor. I mix the regular with decaf half and half. The flavor is outstanding. Using room-temperature water to extract the coffee elixir from the grounds brings out the smooth delicious coffee taste with none of the bitter volatile oils that too much heat extracts from the beans. With the Luzianne extract and a little milk or water, one can have iced coffee in the summertime or a regular cup at other times, just using a microwave. I have tried the cold water process with many other brands. None beat the wonderful flavor of Luzianne. My only complaint is that it is difficult to always find in the grocery stores, especially the decaf. I order directly from Reiley Foods.

  7. Jerry Jackson

    Greatest coffee I’ve ever tasted !!! LOVE IT

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