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Luzianne Prem. Blend Medium Dark Roast C&C 1 Lb Can

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Luzianne’s special blend of the finest coffee beans with a special touch of chicory. Enjoy our premium coffee mellowed with Chicory today!

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32 reviews for Luzianne Prem. Blend Medium Dark Roast C&C 1 Lb Can

  1. Steve Nichols

    My Dad was an avid coffee drinker all his life. The white can of Luzianne is burned into my childhood memories forever and it’s been my favourite coffee since. Dig it man. ☺️🇨🇦🥞

  2. Sandra Warren

    I love your coffee

  3. Joan Guillot (verified owner)

    I have ordered this coffee by the case for 39 yrs.! Sent first to Virginia and now to California. I have tried many other blends and brands but always go back to my Luzianne favorite. I have introduced this one to my friends and family who are all in love with it too! It is the best!

  4. Susan Adams

    I just read about the great health benefits of chicory and RAN to buy this coffee—thank goodness I live near a Food Lion! This is my 2nd day/morning Luzianne cup of coffee EVER, and it is WONDERFUL! I hope this coffee is never discontinued, AND please keep if affordable 🙏

  5. Lucy

    Hi! We just bought this product at our local Hannaford’s and really enjoy it! I am wondering how much caffeine it contains per serving? Thanks!

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Lucy, We’re happy to hear that you’ve found Luzianne Premium Blend Dark Roast Coffee & Chicory and that you are enjoying it. It is our flagship product!! The reason the Luzianne brand exist today.
      There is 67mg of caffeine in an 8oz serving of Luzianne Premium Blend Dark Roast Coffee & Chicory. The chicory certainly keeps the caffeine level down. Welcome to the family of Luzianne Coffee consumers!

  6. Clyde J Badeaux

    why can’t i buy find any dark roasted no chicory

  7. Gary Blow

    I have question for my father-in-law. Has Luzianne coffee always had chicory ingredient in it and if so when was it introduced?

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Gary, We have information that Chicory was used in Luzianne Coffee as far back as 1920. Thanks for the great question!

  8. Bob Lane (verified owner)

    Ordered a case, gave it as part of a Christmas present (bag of goodies). No complaints. Well received.

  9. Bob Lane

    Haven’t been able to get it locally for 40 years. Bought some online and no regerts. The ONLY coffee I drink black, no sugar. I’m a happy camper.😁 ordering a case for Christmas presents.

  10. Bob Lane

    Haven’t been able to get it locally for 40 years. Bought some online and no regerts. The ONLY coffee I drink black, no sugar. I’m a happy camper.😁

  11. Margaret Lapre (verified owner)

    This truly is the best coffee ever. My aunt started purchasing this coffee in the early 70’s & it has been a staple in my house since. There is only 1 store near me(50 miles away) that carries it & only 6 cans at a time, so I purchase it by the case. Love, Love, Love it !!

  12. Harold M Herrmann

    Best coffee ever, especially if mixed with warm frothed milk 50-50. Very smooth either hot or cold. Have probably used this for more than four decades.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Harold, We agree! Luzianne is the best coffee ever, especially Café au lait style. Thanks for being a loyal Luzianne drinker!

  13. Bill (verified owner)

    Been drinking this for about 50 years now. I buy it by the case. But sure do miss the little red scoops that used to come in the can. Glad I saved one of them…

  14. Tosca K. Simms

    Since 1957 my husband and I drank your delicious coffee with chicory in it. We had about 15 hunters come to our farm
    every year and they learned to like it also.
    I can only find it in my local Food Lion and am so disappointed that I no longer taste the chicory in it. And they don’t seem to carry the Dark kind, only the Medium and Light.
    Can you please put chicory back into it so that I can enjoy it again, as well as the friends who buy it?

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Tosca, We’re sorry to hear that you are disappointed as the formula for Luzianne Premium Blend Coffees haven’t changed. Please reach out to our Consumer Affairs department at 1 – (800) 535-1961. They can help you find the specific Luzianne Coffee product you enjoy.

  15. skay

    One of the best coffee,I am getting addicted to it since 4 years: and I find it in Food lion stores

  16. Ronald Savoie

    What happened to dark roast coffee and chicory? Luzianne used to make this. What happened? There is a war on dark roast coffee and chicory?

  17. Frank Brandy

    Excellent coffee

  18. Danny Bryant (verified owner)

    We have been drinking for over 40 years and can not find in stores here so we order by the 12 case.Really more like over 50 years.Very good coffee.

  19. Jeff

    The good stuff.

  20. Alanna Woody

    incredible coffee! picked it up this morning, bold and delicious, with no acidity or bitterness 🙂

  21. SUSAN THOMAS (verified owner)

    love the taste of Luzianne….. my parents drank it and my husband & I drink it, too ! My grocery stores stopped stocking it a while ago, I always order it by the case 🙂

  22. Kris Frederiksen

    I have enjoyed this coffee for thirty years. It is absolutely the best coffee I have ever tasted.

  23. Ron Attal (verified owner)

    Our favorite

  24. Ron Attal (verified owner)

    Our favorite coffee for years

  25. SUE THOMAS (verified owner)

    my parents always drank Luzianne coffee and we have carried on the tradition. Excellent coffee!

  26. mark garland (verified owner)

    Luzianne, raw sugar and 1/2 & 1/2. Heavenly, been my brand for decades

  27. Mary Pearson

    best coffee ever!

  28. Richard A. Di Donna (verified owner)

    Have been buying your coffee for years.
    Keep up the good work!

  29. Carol Fournier

    I have been buying and drinking Luzianne coffee for about 45 years. This is the best coffee I have ever had. It is rich and mellow. My guests always comment on how good my coffee is. They want to know why they can’t buy it in the stores around here.

  30. Connie Perrotta (verified owner)

    No heartburn with this coffee.

  31. leona Huber

    been drinking this coffee for 40 years now

  32. James G Welsh

    I love your Coffee.

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