FMC Coffee and chicory

French Market Coffee & Chicory Creole Blend Medium – Dark Roast 12oz.

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The essence of Creole is a blend, and nothing says that better than coffee & chicory. One part invention, one part inspiration, this legendary combination has become a rich and robust tradition with a heritage as unique as its flavor.

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5 reviews for French Market Coffee & Chicory Creole Blend Medium – Dark Roast 12oz.

  1. Brendan Costello (verified owner)

    This coffee is my favorite; it brings me back to New Orleans but also it has become my standard cup. It’s the best of the coffee/chicory blends I’ve found, and it’s a great coffee in general. Please let me know when it’s back in stock!

  2. caroline s (verified owner)

    similar to Kelly, my friend sent me a bag of this and we were HOOKED. we put away our expensive latte maker and have bought, no joke, 10 bags- and i’m about to order more. I wish this was sold by us, but for now, I will take the bulk order discount and keep ordering direct from the manufacturer (which is still a great option 🙂 i saw cafe du monde at a store by me, so i bought it initially to supplement, but it tastes burnt! I remember loving cafe du monde.
    thank you for the best coffee!

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Caroline, Thanks for the great compliment! French Market Coffee & Chicory is definitely delicious.

  3. Kelly (verified owner)

    A friend gave us a bag of the creole blend when they came back from New Orleans. This is the best coffee I have EVER tasted and wish it was sold near us. Thank heaven for the internet!! We were able to get it directly from the company.

  4. elsa nadler (verified owner)

    best coffee around

  5. John Phillips

    One of the best coffees I have tasted!
    Can’t find it in any local stores.

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