Luzianne Cold Brew Family Size Regular Tea 22 Count

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100% Natural – No Boiling Required

Making a pitcher of Luzianne is easier than ever with 100% Natural Luzianne Cold Brew Iced Tea. No Need to boil. Just steep in cold water and in a few minutes you’ll have that authentic Luzianne taste for all to enjoy. One box brews 5.5 gallons.

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12 reviews for Luzianne Cold Brew Family Size Regular Tea 22 Count

  1. Kathleen Mania-Casey (verified owner)

    We love your tea and my customers are crazy about it! When do you expect to have it back in stock. I order 60 boxes at a time and I am getting very low on stock.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Kathleen, We received word yesterday that it should be available this week. Please check with our e-commerce department to see what date you can place your order. Phone: 1-504-272-2939 Thanks for loving Luzianne!

  2. Jaquelyn Hall (verified owner)

    When will cold brew be available again? It’s my favorite and I’m down to my last box.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Jaquelyn, Someone in our Consumer Affairs department will be in touch via email with this info. Thanks for loving Luzianne!

  3. Katie Lay

    There is nothing quite like the unique taste of Luzianne cold brew. I can’t go back to Lipton or any other subpar teas, Cold Brew stole my yankee heart <3

  4. Susan Surprenant

    The BEST iced tea I have ever had!

  5. Sherry Homenick

    I love this tea. My family and I go through roughly 1.5 gallons a day. I panicked when my store was out of stock the last 3 times I went shopping. I’m sticking up today. I dont hoard toilet paper but I do Luzianne cold brew.

  6. Linda Gledhill

    I love this product. Do you make it in decaf?

  7. Jim

    Best we’ve ever tried.

  8. Wendy Foster (verified owner)

    They say in stock then you order and they call you and tell you out of stock.

  9. Chris A

    I love this cold brew! Totally different taste than the reg tea bags. I only drink ice tea and/or water, so I’m pretty picky. This one’s the best!

  10. Susan Kriznuski

    This is the best cold brew tea ever..

  11. Carol Smith

    Best cold brewed tea out there. I even prefer it to the other brewed tea.

  12. Mark Price

    I’ve been drinking iced tea for over 40 years and this is the absolutely best tasting iced tea I’ve ever had. You know that certain taste that you get at a really good restaurant and you say to yourself, man this is good iced tea, well this is that taste.

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