Luzianne SweetTea 22ct Render

Luzianne Family Size Iced Sweet Tea Bags 22 Count

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A pitcher of Sweet Iced Tea is always refreshing and invigorating. Luzianne Iced Sweet Tea is pre-sweetened with pure cane sugar and specially blended to brew authentic Southern Sweet iced tea. Then there’s the hundred-plus years of heritage and iced-tea experience in every bag. When you consider all this, the choice is clear. Luzianne is the right tea for iced tea. One box brews 5.5 gallons.

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10 reviews for Luzianne Family Size Iced Sweet Tea Bags 22 Count

  1. Aaron Soowal (verified owner)

    Sweet Tea with cane sugar and 0 carlories! I don’t know how you do it. I bring 25 boxes from Florida to Pennsylvania every year.

  2. Janice

    Awesome!! Just bought my first box and I was so surprised at the fantastic, cool refreshing taste! As advertised, hands down the best sweet tea I have tasted. Thanks Luzianne

  3. PATTI CAVA (verified owner)

    It’s all we drink! This is hands down the best ice tea!

  4. Yvonne Farnsley

    I bought these while on vacation and was really surprised.
    just tea bag! Amazing!!!! I am going to be ordering on a regular basis!
    I can give up my soda for this anyday!

  5. Judith Bryant

    Five Stars! Please tell me you have not quit making Luzianne Decaffinated. That’s all we drank and we drink a lot of tea.
    So please tell me you have not stopped making it. We will be so disappointed. We will drink the new flavors because we
    love Luzianne!

    5 Stars

  6. Tonisa Bourn (verified owner)

    Love this sweet tea.

  7. Melody Ralston

    The best!

  8. Melody Price

    The actual tea is great because Luzianne makes the best iced tea ever, but I like my tea a little sweeter. Still a good glass of tea

  9. Jerry Jackson


  10. Shari Beth Niemeyer

    Sweet taste from a tea bag!

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