Tiger Seasoning 14oz.

Try Me Tiger Seasoning 14 oz

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A spirited seasoning for steak, roast, salad, gravy, soup, stew, barbecue and sauce.

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14 reviews for Try Me Tiger Seasoning 14 oz

  1. Andrew Radcliff

    Love this seasoning! My father used it when it was called “Praise Allah” at his restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee some 30+ years ago. It was called “Peggy Sue’s 1950s Malt Shop”. People all over would drive their old classic cars down to his restaurant for burgers and malt shakes

  2. Glenda Sprouse-Benson

    I have been using this seasoning forever at least 8 years. Was introduce to in Memphis, TN. There is absolutely nothing else on the market like it…. THIS SEASON IS AMAZING!! I wish I could some how be an affiliate to send ppl straight your site to buy it…..

  3. John Graham

    Best seasoning I’ve ever used I do not use anything else and I put it on everything and I also use tiger sauce and I love it

  4. David Zickafoose (verified owner)

    First had this seasoning at a bar in Madison, In they put it on their hamburgers. I ordered my first container and I put this S&%T on everything lol. Eggs, popcorn, beef, fish, vege’s, mashed taters, etc. in place of salt. I refer family and friends to this product often.

  5. Steve Marshall

    My grandfather used this alone on grilled steaks while I was growing up in the 80’s & 90’s. (Back when it was called Praise Allah.) It’s the only thing I use on non-marinated steaks to this day! Absolutely love it!!!

  6. Nick Fields

    We have been using this product for decades. It was originally called Praise Allah and was the secret behind the incredible steaks at a restaurant I worked at in college in the late 70’s/early 80’s. The name was changed to Tiger Seasoning when it was purchased by Riley Foods. This stuff is simply amazing on beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, and rice. Try it on french fries and you will never eat fries again without it. We buy it by the case from Riley.

  7. John Parks

    Went to Shipley’s today and yeah really good burgers and that’s all I seen put on burger and I’m buying a 12 pack of seasonings

  8. David Z. (verified owner)

    My friend and I went to Shipley’s bar in Madison, In and had their Shipley burger. I never have been a burger person but their burgers are the best I’ve ever had. When asked what they put in meat, reply was only sprinkle Tiger Seasoning when placed on flat grill.

  9. Robert Brady

    If you like to do your own French fries then this seasoning is the best I’ve used for that. Fresh cut potatoes or frozen, it doesn’t matter, this makes it better. Better than plain salt but not overpowering. Like it says, Try Me!

  10. darrell sexton

    Best seasoning I have ever used

  11. Dave Geiger

    I use this on just about everything I cook, I mean literally anything from eggs to shrimp. It’s awesome

  12. Roger P Fangman

    You will not regret using Tiger Seasoning. Best Steaks you will ever have.!

  13. David Nelson (verified owner)

    Excellent Seasoning, I use it on almost everything. Have used it for many years but never see it in stores anymore. Always see tiger sauce but never tiger seasoning, just glad I can order directly.

  14. Richard King

    Great seasoning. Could not find in local stores, so straight to the source. Completely worth the effort.

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