TryMe Tiger Sauce 10 oz

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The original tiger sauce is an exotic, moderately spicy blend of Ingredients in a cayenne pepper base. With a touch of sweet and sour, it's perfect for meats, seafood and poultry. Delicious on sandwiches, in dips and soups.


Leonardo Fusco
\\\'Try me: Tiger sauce, the Original\\\' says \\\"moderately spicy\\\" in the description on the bottle. I find this to be a slight over statement, in reality it\\\'s very mild. That being said, it has a wonderful taste. Much better tasting than any other hot sauce I\\\'ve tried within the same price range. So far I\\\'ve only used it as a condiment, I haven\\\'t been able to cook with it yet, but I\\\'m sure it would taste great in a marinade or something. So, if it were more spicy and still had the same taste I would have given it five stars, but that is not the case, therefore I give it four stars.

My Favorite hot sauce! A must-have for my eggs. Great mixed with cream cheese for a dip, or sour cream/mayonnaise. I'd love more recipes for Tiger Sauce because I'll use it on anything!

Dennis the Menace
As a major fan of all pepper-based sauces, this "Tiger Sauce" has become my favorite. Certainly not t-o-o hot (especially for those who really don't care for truly HOT! sauces, such as the habanero pepper)but it's the secret blend of unusual "extras" that give it a unique flavor that is addicting. I literally eat it by the spoon, and have gone through several bottles without using it on any food at all. My best excuse for sucking down a lot of this sauce is to drown a piece of buttered toast in Tiger Sauce, pile on the scrambled eggs, then douse the eggs with more sauce and just dig in! I need to buy this stuff by the gallon. Definitely try it, it's delicious.

J Rogers
This is a fabulous sauce!! They need to package this in half gallon jug. It's great on everything from cream cheese and crackers to grilled chicken and shrimp. Um um good!!!!

Tim Kienzle II
I use this on my ribs with others stuff for a finishing glaze that is out of this world...

J. L. Rondo
First tried Tiger Sauce in the early 80's. Now I go out of my way to shop for the last bottle on the shelf. Got my cooking buddies using it while they entertain guests. Now they too hunt the same bottle we're all so thankful to see. Sounds crazy, but I could have been a vegetarian, had it not been for that bottle of Tiger Sauceâ„¢. You guys help make my chicken wings #1. Mesquite & Kingsford smoked ribeyes are killer topped with Tiger Sauceâ„¢. Better get you some Tiger Sauceâ„¢.

We fell in love with this sauce while living in Texas, and we've had trouble finding it ever since.

Not a very hot sauce, but so full of flavor! We love it on eggs and on Hoppin\\\' John. Thank goodness the stores here in California carry it!

I have loved the Tiger sauce for many years. Having recently become Vegan, my daughter is so disappointed that it contains anchovies. Does anyone know of a similar sauce that doesn't contain anchovies?

Great product, Need a bigger size. As for the 4 star review below... It IS moderately spicy. "Spicy" is not necessarily hotness, but the concentrated blending of spices to create new flavors. It has an excellent moderate blend of spices.

Steve Wilson
Excellent stuff right here! BBQ guys you need to add this instead of sauce. I love pouring it over cooked hamburger patties. Wish the larger bottles were available in the Fort Worth area.

Rock Cowles
Perfect in Vietnamese Beef Pho and on and in so many things. Put a splash in Macaroni and cheese with a sprinkle of garlic and a dab or horseradish and you'll die fat, dumb, and happy. Tiger Sauce and Spike seasoning are the Duct Tape and WD-40 of the culinary world.

This stuff is so good you could drink it right out of the bottle like you would a Coke or Pepsi. It's addictive.