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The original tiger sauce is an exotic, moderately spicy blend of Ingredients in a cayenne pepper base. With a touch of sweet and sour, it’s perfect for meats, seafood and poultry. Delicious on sandwiches, in dips and soups.

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35 reviews for Try Me Tiger Sauce 10 oz

  1. Jesse Cronen

    I use Tiger Sauce on everything but peanut butter sandwiches, and breakfast cereal!!! There’s always at least 2 bottles in the house. Getting ready to open a seafood restaurant,and a bottle will be on EVERY TABLE!

  2. Jody Farnsworth

    Love Tiger sauce. I but it by the gallon. Do i need to refrigerate it after opening?

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Jody, Tiger Sauce is shelf stable if it is stored in a cooler location and depending upon the jug opening and use up rate. If a gallon is going to last you a while, opened quite frequently and if you live in a warmer climate you may want to consider putting it in the fridge.

  3. darrin sanders

    I buy it by the gallon from Amazon. I guess that is about the best compliment that I can give about how awesome this stuff is.

  4. Bob Staley

    Great sauce can use on anything

  5. Addi S.

    Well I have tried you, and I find you to be a truly sophisticated sauce that makes everything better: stews, sandwiches, or why not add a few drops to some ground beef (together with garlic powder, smoked paprika and a generous amount of salt) to make a juicy, smokey burger that will put a smile on your face. I give this one 9 out of 10. Greetings from Sweden.

  6. Sean Watson

    Love the sauce but need recipes! Help!!!

  7. Karl D bentz

    Love it but why aren’t the tops on tight enough they come in loose and messy

  8. Peter Allen

    A must on breakfast tacos!

  9. Nobleline (verified owner)

    We enjoy this sauce very much. My husband puts Tiger Sauce on everything except ice cream (for real)

  10. Philip Arnholt

    Tiger Sauce is the best all around add to anything sauce I have ever tried. I love the original.

  11. Teresa Rogers

    Love it

  12. Terry Stevens

    Well… I’m looking at a nearly empty bottle of Tiger Sauce, maybe enough to go with my crabcakes and eggs. Kroger doesn’t carry it anymore, and my last 3 trips to Wally World have been dry runs. Are people hoarding toilet paper AND Tiger Sauce? I’ve never ordered direct but good to know I can.

  13. Randy Loftis

    No doubt the best sauce around.
    Been using it for years,drizzle it on your tuna sandwich,your salad,your everything! Crack sauce! Can’t do without it.

  14. Shana Stiles

    I love this sauce! I’ve only tried the Original bottle and it’s the perfect balance of sweet and spicy! I watch mukbangers in YouTube and Prissy P got me hooked on it and so many others as well! I love her! You should hook her up on some sauces 🙂

  15. Linda Kelso

    Love Tiger Sauce. Can’t eat Gumbo without it, and it is good on any meats. Nothing else quite like it. When I couldn’t find it in my grocery stores, I tried others. They just don’t do the trick.

  16. Steve Wardlaw

    Our family has been using Tryme Tiger Sauce for years. Like the other reviewers said it’s sweet & sour blend with a little bit of heat is a compliment to any type of meat. For a special start to the day try it on your eggs.

  17. KatCajun

    Been a fan for numerous years. While it is great on meat, it also is delicious on green s, peas, beans. Love this sauce better than red hot sauce….

  18. Chris Coombs

    This sauce is good on everything from chicken salad to crawfish etoufee.

  19. odette morrison


  20. Mac

    It’s been getting harder to find around here, so I emptied the store shelf the last time. Glad to see I can get it on-line. Yeah, it’s good on just about anything. Try mixing 50/50 with your favorite marmalade for an excellent chutney.

  21. Greg

    I love this stuff! It is the perfect sauce for a roast beef sandwich.

    Hey…as I’m typing this one-handed with a sandwich full of Tiger Sauce in the other hand, and the sauce is running down my arm, any chance of making a thicker variety of Tiger Sauce… so that it will stick to food better?

  22. Jim Lamb

    Been using Tiger Sauce for years. Tried it on home fried potatoes and eggs for breakfast. what a blast. Along with all the other great suggestions. Never leave home without it. Carry a small bottle with me. You never know.

  23. Pam Thomas

    My favorite for decades! I wish the cap had a shaker feature, though, as it comes out of the bottle pretty fast.

  24. Tom Pihl

    The best, the only one I use for rice and beans (optionally with sausage). Also great with meatless meatloaf.

  25. Doug Polk

    I marinate my duck breasts in this with a tad of vinegar added. Outstanding. I schlep this stuff on to all of my friends. Go to a party? Why bring wine? I bring a couple of bottles of this stuff. It lasts longer and is remembered. Always wondered where it originally came from. It was always in the galley of offshore drilling rigs early in my career. Some Reilly salesman did a great sales job many years ago!

  26. Janice Floyd

    Just tried this.. amazing taste.. currently dipping popcorn in sauce

  27. K. Roddy Chopman

    I add this to my hot wing sauce. It balances out the flavor profile perfectly!

  28. Michael Wilenkin

    Been hooked on your sauce for years now. I buy it by the case.

  29. Ray Buck

    Been buying this by the case for years. Our home is never without Tiger Sauce. Can’t imagine fried chicken without it.

  30. Paul

    I Love Tiger Sauce. I mix with mayo to marinate chicken or pork. Also a must have on veggies!!!

  31. Sherry Rehor

    I’ve tried Tiger Sauce on beef, pork, chicken, oysters, and shrimp, and I have to tell you, I can’t find anything that it’s not good with. I even recommended it to a gentleman standing next to me at Wal-Mart.

  32. Tina Palmer

    💘 it

  33. Caleb borkowski

    I love tiger sauce 😍

  34. Chris Swanson

    My wife and I tried this for the first time tonight, and it was amazing. Perfect blend of sweet and spicy, better than 95% of restaurants. Will definitely use again.

  35. David Baker

    Love this stuff on my chicken rice bowls. They’re not the same without it!

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