Try Me Yucatan Sunshine Habanero Sauce 5 oz

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Though habaneros are considered by many as the hottest peppers in the world, we've blended them with carrots, onion and other natural ingredients to control - but never tame - their unique flavor.


Yucatan Sunshine is the perfect hot sauce! It's hot, but it doesn't burn your mouth or mask the flavor of your food. It enhances your food by giving it that spicy component that is so often missing. I eat it on eggs, soups, and sandwiches. I keep a bottle in the refrigerator at home and I also have one at work so I don't have to go without it at lunchtime. Thanks for making such a great product!

Kevin Dinkel
Been eating this for 10-12 yrs. the best balance of heat/ flavor! Good on pizza fish sandwiches, great in spaghetti sauce. Had most others as i had a membership in a hot sauce of the month club. This beats em all. But can be hard to find sometimes.

I've tried lots of Hot Sauces over the years and FINALLY FOUND YUCATAN SUNSHINE! Many of the other Hot Sauces have Vinegar as the main ingredient, but not so with YUCATAN SUNSHINE. It not only ads to the Flavor of what you put it on, but also imparts a distinct FLAVOR all of its own!

Miguel Gallardo
I only wish that they sold it by the gallon!

I order Yucatan Sunshine by the case straight from Reily. Best hot sauce ever!! Great flavor and just hot enough!!

This is nectar from the GODS!! I love this and I promote it everywhere I go! They only sell it at select Kroger stores in Dallas/Fort Worth area. Tabasco is nothing but mass-produced vinegar in a bottle. This is tang, real flavor, and heat. I put it on meat, rice, and vegetables. DON'T EVER STOP MAKING THIS PLEASE!!!

It has a great flavor, but basic enough that you can put it on anything. Yucatan is perfect for chicken wings. It has a bit of a kick, but not too much where you can\\\'t even enjoy the taste of the food. It is a staple in my kitchen.

Just discover Yucatan Sunshine at my local grocer, I LOVE IT, this sauce has replaced Tabasco as my go to hot sauce , Seems like I use it on almost everything, great on pizza, eggs and of course burritos and tacos! Made buffalo wings using the sauce the other day and OMG! did it make great wings Nice flavor and heat without searing my taste buds.

Great flavor. Not real hot but hot enough

Chadwick Hurlburt
Habanero peppers have a reputation for being extremely hot. However, what makes Habanero's special is their flavor. They are sweet, fruity, with a distinctive deliciousness no other pepper has. I was thrilled when I first tasted this hot sauce because, unlike many other Habanero pepper sauces, this sauce is made with only Habanero peppers. And because it is unadulterated, that unique Habanero flavor shines through. I am extremely pleased with this hot sauce and I will be keeping it in my house for as long as it is produced. It is so good to see a true Habanero hot sauce made with 100% Habanero peppers and not a blend which includes some Habanero peppers. No carrot juice or tomato juice base in this stuff. It is the authentic article. Well done.

My boyfriend loves Sriracha...I how ever don't, my love is with Habanero. I don't love spicy food, I love food with flavor which This habanero sauce has, i will buy this again.