Try Me Tennessee Sunshine 5 oz

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Our secret recipe delivers the spicy punch of select peppers without covering up the natural flavor of food. It’s a great way to add new life to old recipes.

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12 reviews for Try Me Tennessee Sunshine 5 oz

  1. Solon L. Brown

    Excellent pepper sauce!

  2. joe kendrick

    this is the best! Ihave been using it for over 4 years . bin ordering it from thefactory because they quit stocking at windixy and publix.

  3. Don Kyle

    I have used this since the label showed that the sauce came from Knoxville, Tennessee. We love the robust flavor, without so much spicy heat that you can no longer taste the food. We splash it on greens with a little vinegar, I shake a little in eggs when I scramble them, a little goes on pinto and other beans, mix some in my barbecue sauces( including home made Alabama white), and a little on top of broiled or grilled fish, the list could go on and on. I have tried many others and NONE come even close to the flavor and versatility of Tennessee Sunshine. A great product.


    Awesome sauce! Just the right amount of heat for everyday use.
    Doesn’t overpower the food and ads a great flavor.

  5. Larry A Stevens

    The best ever

  6. Karla Wogoman

    Love this sauce !!!

  7. atar554 (verified owner)

    My favorite go to for any time I need hot sauce! I order 12 and hand out a couple bottles here and there at work or to friends. Haven’t had one refused, returned or complained about.

  8. Jerry DeRanzo

    This the best hot sauce ever. Not too hot but lots of flavor. Hard to find in Columbia Tennessee.

  9. Allen Thibodeaux


  10. Lois Thomas

    This is the best hot sauce I’ve found! I’ve been using for years. It has a wonderful flavor and is spicy enough without the hotness overpowering the flavor.

  11. Rox

    Been using this product for about 10 years.

  12. Stephanie Marsh

    Much the same as everyone else… This has been our favorite hot sauce for years. The flavor is bright and fresh with perfect heat and nothing else to compete. We love it.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Thanks Stephanie, we love it too!

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