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Try Me Yucatan Sunshine Habanero Sauce 5 oz

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Though habaneros are considered by many as the hottest peppers in the world, we’ve blended them with carrots, onion and other natural ingredients to control – but never tame – their unique flavor.

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25 reviews for Try Me Yucatan Sunshine Habanero Sauce 5 oz


    I have had MANY habanero hot sauces, this is by far the best I’ve ever had. Recommend 10/10!!!!!!!!

  2. rodryan (verified owner)

    Our favorite hot sauce. Just difficult to get sometimes. Limited to 3 bottles on this site even though they advertise 12 bottles at $2.69 each.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Rodryan, We agree, this is a fan favorite hot sauce! You should be able to purchase unlimited quantities, unless at that time there were only 3 bottles available in the e-commerce inventory. If you have the same issue on your next order please give us a call! Thanks for being a loyal TryMe Sauce fan!
      Email: order@reilyproducts.com
      Phone: 1-504-272-2939

  3. Mason B

    Love this hot sauce! my local store stopped carring it so i have to order online now but now i get it slightly cheaper than i would at the local store. i just wish i could buy larger bottles than just a 5oz

  4. Ryan H

    I’m sure everyone that has left a review will agree – You guys need to sell this in a big bottle. SERIOUSLY.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Thanks for the great compliment Ryan! Sorry, but all we have is the 5oz bottle. Thanks for being a Try Me fan!

  5. Mark t Richardson

    Been using this sauce for several years.
    I put it on almost everything.
    Great flavor with a proper amount of heat.

  6. Norman Divine (verified owner)

    I fancy myself as somewhat of a hot sauce connoisseur. I’ve tasted 100’s of hot sauces and there’s a lot of good ones out there. Maybe it’s just me but this sauce is one of the best. The habanero flavor is truly there but it doesn’t blow your head off of your shoulders like some sauces do. Too much heat just ruins the flavor of the product that you put it on. I order it a case at a time.

  7. D. Lafrenz

    Love this hot sauce. It is the perfect heat. I buy 4-5 when I find it in the store because they run out all the time. The ❤🌶

  8. David

    Its just my favorite hot sauce. Strong on flavor without to much heat.

  9. Lit’l Jawge

    Yucatan Sunshine has been my favorite hot sauce for 25 years! I agree w/ Michael: yes, I could drink it out of the bottle. And just like Derek in Canada, I can’t find it anywhere in the Fort Worth area these days. Thanks for your online store; I just stocked up w/ 12 bottles.

  10. Stephen Magier

    I love hot sauces, and this one is by far, my favorite! I usually buy three bottles at a time so I don’t run out!

  11. Craig

    Absolutely awesome! It is our family favorite. Always a bottle on hand.

  12. Robert H Berleen

    A favorite for many years , great it stews , on eggs and most anything that needs a little zip

  13. Elh13

    THE BEST. HOT SAUCE. EVER. Not vinegar junk like the others.

  14. Michael

    This stuff is so good you can drink it out of the bottle. I wish you could buy it by the gallon.

  15. Jennifer Lane

    My favorite sauce until I realized it is made with genetically modified ingredients. Such a bummer, I used to go through multiple bottles of the stuff.

  16. Jonathan Scheid

    I love hot stuff. Always looking to try new sauces. This is the best Habanero sauce I ever had! Loaded with flavor and heat.

  17. Ted G (verified owner)

    Best hot sauce ever. Goes great on toast in the morning.

  18. Gervase Bushe

    I’ve had a lot of hot sauces and this is my everyday favorite. Not that hot, but wonderfully flavorful. Sure wish you would put the scoville units for each of sauces on your website

  19. Derek Jackson

    I have been using Yucatan Sunshine for many years, it is getting hard to find a store that carries it in Canada.

  20. Nat

    This is my very favorite hot sauce. Spicy, vinegary, delicious! I literally order it by the case ; )

  21. Brian Terranova

    I love this sauce, I put it on everything. Thank you for making something so awesome!!!!

  22. Charles A. Holman (verified owner)

    Greatest breakfast addition to eggs and breakfast meat. I use this sauce every chance I get. My wife thinks I drink this sauce as much as I order.

  23. Robert Zachary

    The bottle I have has these ingredients: Distilled vinegar, Red CAYENNE Peppers, salt, carrots and vegetable gum. It has a flash of heat and flavor then nothing. Apparently this due to the lack of any habanero peppers. How do you get away with selling this as HABANERO pepper sauce?

  24. John Alexander

    Very tasty sauce. I love habaneros and this very simple recipe brings the lovely vinegar tang of Louisiana style hot sauce with a bit of habanero’s sting. This is going to be a new staple in my cabinet.

  25. Gerald Sanders

    Great on almost every thing

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