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French Market Coffee Restaurant Blend Dark Roast Coffee 12 oz.

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The perfect coffee for those who love the rich, bold flavor preferred by people in New Orleans. Served in New Orlean’s finest restaurants for over 100 years, our dark roast coffee is slow roasted in small batches and specially ground to release bold coffee flavor.  Take a sip and indulge your palate with the deep coffee flavor of this New Orleans favorite.

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3 reviews for French Market Coffee Restaurant Blend Dark Roast Coffee 12 oz.

  1. Rodney Cooley (verified owner)

    This is coffee and superior to most if you love coffee this is the choice ❗

  2. Stuart

    I had been wanting to try this for awhile and had held off because it wasn’t available locally. I had tried the medium dark French Roast version by French Market Coffee and thought it was solid. But I wanted to try this Dark Roast Restaurant Blend because I had been favoring darker roasts recently. Here’s my take:

    1. Genuine dark roast flavor with a cocoa character — without bitterness.
    2. Minimal pot-to-pot variation — each brew is very consistent, even when varying the number of cups
    3. High degree of efficiency: I use 1 tablespoon scoop for each cup (5 oz. in my Cuisinart drip coffee maker) plus an additional scoop “for the pot.” So, if I making 7 cups, I use 8 scoops.
    4. Love the fact it’s in a metal can that’s recyclable — no throwing coffee bags into the landfill!
    5. The grinds don’t have the rich aroma of a competitive brand, like Gevalia French Roast, but I think it makes a better cup of coffee.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Stuart, Thanks for the great compliment! And thanks for being a loyal French Market Coffee consumer!

  3. Ben Sale (verified owner)

    For New Orleanians who have to survive living away with subpar coffe everywhere you go…this is the saviour. The best of the best bold coffees without chicory from New Orleans. I’ve tried so many, time and again, but come back to this. Not even the Seattle or private cafe blends over 30$ in Paris can compare to this. Why the French Market blue can is so good…maybe Rex himself would grant us this knowledge. Pro Bono, for sure.

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