42 1.5 Oz. JFG Filter Pack Vo

JFG Filter Pack 42/ 1.5 oz

(11 customer reviews)


To brew delicious coffee: always start with fresh cold water and a clean coffee maker. Use one level tablespoon of JFG gourmet blend for each 6 ounce cup of brewed coffee. (Adjust amount of coffee to desired strength).

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11 reviews for JFG Filter Pack 42/ 1.5 oz

  1. Barbara

    I love your coffee. Wish you would make it in k-cups. Thanks

    • Reily Foods Company

      Great suggestion Barbara. This is definitely JFG’s most favored blend.

  2. Phyllis Acey (verified owner)

    Are you still going to sell it in filter packs love this have ordered for every

  3. Lawrence wampler (verified owner)

    This is the best coffee you can get any where,I was raised on this from east tenn.drink it every day all day!.i now live in texas
    Lawrence wampler

  4. Lawrence wampler

    I grew up drinking his coffee it’s absolutely the best!

  5. Hoyt p Wheeler jr (verified owner)

    we have used this coffee for years an love it

  6. hoyt p wheeler jr (verified owner)

    we just like this coffee

  7. Ricky Graham

    I really wish JFG Coffee was available in K-Cups!

  8. hoyt p wheeler jr.

    I just like your collee.

  9. hoyt p wheeler jr

    for the past few years I have bought this coffee and we love it.

  10. hoyt wheeler jr

    I like your coffee

  11. hoyt wheeler jr

    I buy coffee from u all the time

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