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La Martinique Balsamic Vinaigrette 10 oz

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Dark rich balsamic combined with garlic, onion, red bell pepper, lemon juice and an array of delicious spices and oil provides the perfect salad dressing for balsamic lovers.

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6 reviews for La Martinique Balsamic Vinaigrette 10 oz

  1. Allie McKowen

    This is my favorite dressing!! I blanch green beans, put 1/2” of the salad dressing in a large mason jar, add the beans cut side down, & we always have balsamic pickled green beans.

  2. Jaydah Arnett (verified owner)

    This dressing is absolutely wonderful, nice rich and full flavor, I’m ordering more.

  3. Sue Avilez

    Absolutely the best dressing for a Creole tomato salad!!! And a Greek chopped salad!

  4. W T Ballard

    Really really tasty, and strong enough that a little goes a long way

  5. Dondrick K Earl (verified owner)

    I can’t eat anything else. If I could I would give it out for free! All of my friends, family and associates receive a bottle of this just to show them how amazing this balsamic vinaigrette is. I can’t say enough about how awesome this stuff is. After salad is eaten, my daughter drinks it. I used to buy all of it up from my local grocery store, but now considering the times, they don’t stock it anymore. Oh well… cut out the middle man and go to the source. I gotta give all the props to you all for making this. Out of all the things I try to introduce people to, as a foodie, this is always number one one my list.

  6. Erwin King (verified owner)

    Best balsamic vinaigrette dressing we have ever found, bar none! Thank you 🙂

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