610 Oz. True French Vinaigrette Vo

La Martinique True French Vinaigrette 10 oz

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Full-bodied, zesty vinaigrette is made with fresh garlic, freshly ground Indonesian peppercorns, the finest spices, oil and vinegar.

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19 reviews for La Martinique True French Vinaigrette 10 oz

  1. Charles Floyd

    Great flavor to this dressing. Always has been a favorite.

  2. Sherry (verified owner)

    The True French Vinaigrette is my favorite salad dressing ever. The others are excellent too!

  3. marie

    Best dressing anywhere. I’m from New Orleans and have used the Vinaigrette for 32 years. Had to move away and finding it here in VA is spotty , so I order it. I have tried to find comparable to no avail. SO.. I order it! Tres Bon!

  4. Marion (verified owner)

    Best salad dressing ever !!!!

  5. Ashley Jackson (verified owner)

    Another vote for the “best dressing ever!”

  6. Stretch Adams

    I have only tried the French Vinaigrette, but it is amazing! Very bold and flavorful. I could literally drink it out of the bottle 🙂 Rxcellent marinade as well.

  7. Anita Muller

    The only one I will buy anymore. Absolutely great!

  8. Colyer (verified owner)

    I have served this dressing for years and continue to get compliments each time. It’s definitely my friends and family’s favorite! Great gifts!

  9. Bamba Pigott

    Excellent dressing

  10. Bamba Pigott

    Excellent dressing at a fair pricr

  11. Richard Berkley

    I love this on my salads

  12. Connie A

    Just like Mom’s from Southern LA>

  13. jason north (verified owner)


  14. Ashley Jackson

    Best dressing!!! We absolutely love it.

  15. Steve McRoberts

    Very Good

  16. Paula Berthelot

    Have been using these dressings for years………..they are the very best.

  17. Frank Patout

    We use it all the time and order by the case of 12

  18. mkraynik@aol.com

    Only salad dressing that I use. Best vinaigrette style dressing available for home use.

  19. Sandra

    The best dressing ever!! The French is our favorite, but they are all excellent!

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