Luzianne Family Tea Bags 24 Count

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At Luzianne we carefully select tea leaves from across the globe and specially blend them for iced tea. Authentic Southern iced tea – it’s so simple, yet so satisfying. 24 family size. One box brews 6 gallons.

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1 review for Luzianne Family Tea Bags 24 Count


    Lipton used to be my favorite tea blend because of it’s aroma and taste. I have ulcers, I have had them recurring since I was a teen and the only blend of tea (that I like) which does not rip my stomach apart, is a blend of orange pekoe and orange pekoe cut black tea. Something about the black tea really causes my gut to ache. Lipton decided at some point to switch to black tea only in regard to tea bags and so I had to search for a different tea maker. Thank you Luzianne Family for your product, I love your tea and can drink it without any problem, only pleasure.

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