Carroll Shelby’s Original Texas Chili Kit 3.65 oz

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Or buy 8 for $2.08 per item.

Carroll Shelby’s three individual seasoning packets allow you to “fix it hot or mild”–spices, cayenne pepper, masa flour.

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18 reviews for Carroll Shelby’s Original Texas Chili Kit 3.65 oz

  1. Tina D Williams

    This is awesome stuff!!

  2. Wendy Kelly

    Love this mix. Have tried the others and just can’t compare!

  3. Edee McBride

    Can’t always find it but I try to keep it on hand. NothinNothing beats it. The best chili ever.

  4. Rebecca Lilge

    Why are you not for sale in walmart any longer? I love your product also I miss the paper bag containers loved em thanks

  5. LS

    This is the best chili kit on the market. My family will not eat any other brand of chili mix. It’s a shame that WalMart has dropped this brand. Now, I’ll have to drive 50 miles one way just to get the best chili kit!!

  6. Cindy Farlett

    I’m having a lot of trouble finding this in our local grocery stores all of the sudden. The secret must be out about how amazing this recipe is. I have used it for years.

  7. Don Fort

    Haven’t used anything else since. I love it!

  8. Bill McGuire

    I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been using this box & recipe, but at least 15 yrs. I am now passing it along to my niece who is studying hard in her nursing school. I made up a batch on Sunday last, and have had it every night for dinner with Fritos added, as is my preference. This was about the best batch I have made in many years, as I was married to a woman who didn’t like the Cayenne pepper pack added. So, without her in my life, I was able to add it and wow, what I’ve been missing out on! I chopped up half a yellow onion, a Red Bell Pepper, and a Green Bell Pepper, along with a can of Kidney Beans and a can of regular diced Tomatoes, tomato sauce of course, too. And I only used about a fourth of the flour packet, not making it too thick. It was wonderful. So, I want to order a box, which I will split with my niece. Thanks.

  9. keith Mullins

    I’ve used this chili mix for over 20 yrs. The best! Now I my local Wal-Mart will quit being “out of stock” of this for months on end….

  10. Margaret Lyons

    This is by far the most amazing chili mix. I’ve been using it for years. You won’t be disappointed.

  11. Sandra Windle

    Received my Chili Kit fix it hot or mild as a gift used it right away and it was absolutely delicious.

  12. leo vatkin

    best chili mix out there. kind of like a blank canvas that you work on to make it even better!!

  13. Jane

    Love the flavor of Carroll Shelby’s Chili Kit.

  14. susan cray

    My mom made this for us when i was a teen. Loved it (now in my 60’s) love it …just tried the white chicken chili and could now believe how good it was. will not disappoint even with the small spice packet not too hot. i just ran out. will order onn line since last two times could not find at my store.

  15. Jill O Wolber

    I have used this chili mix for over 20+ years, and I just love it. I add a can of tomatoes, kidney beans, green peppers, onions, and about 1/2 cup of ketchup. I always get great reviews from friends and family for this delicious chili. I recently made the Chicken Chili mix for my son and his girlfriend since they don’t eat meat, and they loved it as well. Please keep sending these kits to my local Meijer store. Thank you

  16. Allison Perez

    I’ve used this for 18 years and my family loves my chili. Best kit ever!

  17. Jo Hicks

    I am a cook that cooks from scratch butCarroll Shelby is like scratch cooking l won’t use anything else

  18. Stacy Burr

    Love this stuff. I wish I could still get it at my hometown grocery store. Ordering some today!

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