Wick Fowler’s 2-alarm Chili Kit 3.3 oz

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This box contains 6 individual seasoning packets: red pepper, corn masa flour, cumin/oregano, ground chili peppers, onion/garlic, paprika.

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13 reviews for Wick Fowler’s 2-alarm Chili Kit 3.3 oz

  1. AC

    This is usually my absolute favorite chili mix since I was a kid. But recently I noticed you stopped adding the packet of salt. Please put it back. It’s still optional but I don’t know the measurements for it.

  2. Paul Busch

    We’re native Texans and have loved this chili for decades…and then you removed the salt. Probably seems like no big deal to you guys, since everybody has salt in their cupboard. But, it’s just irritating that you’d put that extra step off on customers just to save a penny or less. Of course we discovered this by accident, since we don’t need to read the instructions. The chili was just awful that cold night…until we realized there was no salt included. You know we’ll keep buying it, but you should also know that we’ll be just a little irritated every time we make it. I’m quite surprised no one else has complained here. Or maybe we just don’t see those reviews…I would have given you a 5 for the previous version. Please don’t make any more “improvements” to this perfect recipe.

  3. Theresa Brazee

    This is the best chili ever!!!!

  4. Burke

    When did you take out the salt ???

  5. KathyC

    I love 2 alarm chili and I’m a homegrown Texas girl. Enough spice to make a weaker person groan. I love the heat. Easier and just as good as homemade, well very close. Used it with beef and with venison. Yum!

  6. bollingthompsom

    Simply the Best

  7. ricky avello

    You guys make the best prepackaged chili kit in the northern nj area which is the only area of my expertise…lol.
    Thanks for a great product.

  8. Cliff

    Great mix of ingredients, enough red pepper to spice it up if y’all want!

  9. Karen Scott

    Been eating this brand for over 35 years. Hands down the Best🔥

  10. David Newman

    2 alarm mix is my hands #1 choice for chili mix.
    Nothing else comes close!

  11. Jacqueline McDonald

    Just love this Chili kit, but it’s not in any stores by me, hope it returns,

  12. Michael Dean

    Best chili anywhere.
    Did you know that Wick Fowler was a creator, cook, and judge at the Terlingua Chili Cook-off? He wrote a column for the Dallas Morning News paper called Big D.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Michael, We love hearing from our chili loving fans. Yep, true Texas-style, World Championship recipe chili kits here, since 1967!

  13. Clayton

    Just bought 2 boxes of your 2 Alarm Chili for my first attempt at making chili ever. Was good, but suspected something was missing and realized that there was no oregano/cumin seasoning included in either box – heads up for your packaging team. Didn’t have cumin but add some oregano to a bowl and boy what a difference it made! So minus 1 star for missing ingredients that are supposed to be included.

    • Reily Foods Company

      Hi Clayton, We apologize for this mishap. I’ve forwarded your info to our Consumer Affairs Department. Someone should be contacting you within the next few days.

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